Hudson River Kinderhook Pellet Stove

The Hudson River Kinderhook Pellet Stove is great for heating large areas. With a 130lb hopper capacity you can fill this stove and go away for the weekend without having to worry about running out of heat! Cleaning is also a breeze on this stove, the ash pan is one of the largest in the industry. Under normal burning conditions you would only have to empty the pan three-four times per year! Great choice for basement, garage or living room installation, this stove can heat over 2000 square feet. Visit our showroom today to view the Kinderhook in action!

Btu (High): 59,000
Btu (Low): 10,000
Hopper Capacity: 130 lbs.
Efficiency: 85%
Burn Time: up to 80 Hours
Flue Exhaust Pipe: 3"
Weight: - lbs
Dimensions: 22 1/2" W x 44" H x 24" D


- Large Ash Drawer
- Electronic Ignition
- 130lb Hopper
- Integrated hearth pad
- Optional thermostat / remote