Natural Thin Stone

Thin veneer is ¾"-2" thick stone, typically used for application in the interior/exterior of houses, fireplaces and other wall applications where weight and installation time are a factor. Natural Thin Stone can be used either on interior walls and fireplaces or exterior walls and chimneys. Granville Stone & Hearth carries a large selection of natural thin stone. Everything in this category is real stone sawn down for thin veneer. Whether you choose the classic full-stone veneer or the new Manufactured Stone veneer product, Granville Stone will have a product to complement your design. Our products cover a broad range of colors, styles and textures. Feel free to browse the selections below or visit one of showrooms near you!

Manufactured Stone

The most diverse line of Manufactured Veneer we carry. Over 80 varieties available. This is a lightweight yet permanent cast veneer stone reproduction with molds made from real stone and finished with real colored mineral pigments. Exterior or interior, the result is stone with breathtaking realism and durability that adds quality and value to your wall, chimney, fireplace or other vertical surface area. Each stone design has corner stones available for easy installation of outside corners. Accent stones and hearth pads complete the real stone look. Fieldstone, Natural Cut, River Rock, Ledgestone, Chisel Cut, Dry Stack, Limestone, Terra Cut and Brick. Boxed and easy to handle and install, total mason time is less in comparison with real stone. Browse below of visit the store to see the actual stone samples!