IDEAL Fat Face - Wall Stone

The IDEAL Fat Face Collection is our most popular Retaining Wall Solution. Stocked in two popular colors, this block system is a great options for low planter style installation or large commercial retaining wall projects. With the easy plug style installation method this block can easily be installed vertically or with a set back. Easily create straight and curved walls to help suit any project needs. When considering a retaining wall, IDEAL Fat Face should always be your first look! Contact us for more details, or stop by our store in Holden to see a sample!

– Block – 8″H x 18″ L x 12″ D
– Setback or Vertical Installation
– Plug/Pin Style Installation
– Optional 90 deg outside corners
– Universal Cap optional
– Easy installation
– Design and engineering assistance available

Available Colors: Quarry Blend & Vineyard Blend