Ravelli Francesca

The smallest model available in the Ravelli line. The Francesca is a great unit for small spaces and fits most budgets! With the Ravelli standard RDS system you are guaranteed a high efficient, clean burning pellet stove. Three color choices are available: Bordeaux (Red), White, and Black. The Ravelli Francesca is on display in our Holden showroom. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Heating Area: 800-1200 sq.ft'
Hopper Capacity: 33 lbs.
Efficiency: 85.3%
Burn Time: 9-31 Hours
Flue Exhaust Pipe: 3"
Weight: 200lbs
Dimensions: 17.3" W x 37.4" H x 18" D


- Eco-Start: Quick ignition that ensures that the Francesca will start quickly which will extend the life of your igniter
- Timer/Thermostat: Standard to all Ravelli units, this gives you the option to start and stop the stove so it will fit your lifestyle
- Airwash System: Runs air over the glass to help keep the glass clean
- Three colors available: Bordeaux (Red), White, and Black
- Optional Remote Control available