Ravelli Roma Pellet Insert

The Ravelli Roma Pellet Insert is the latest and greatest of Pellet Insert technology. If you are looking for a Pellet Insert that looks good and performs even better the Ravelli Roma is for you. The cleanest Insert on the market today, the Roma doesn't waste any heat. Available in two popular colors: Brown Enamel and Black, the Roma's styling are unmatched in today's market. Come see it burn today!

Starting at $4,999.00

Heating Area: up to 2,000 sq.ft'
Hopper Capacity: 45 lbs.
Efficiency: 85%
Burn Time: 7.5-22 Hours
Flue Exhaust Pipe: 3"


- Eco-Start: Quick ignition that ensures that the ROMA will start quickly which will extend the life of your igniter
- Ceramic side panels
- Timer/Thermostat: Standard to all Ravelli units, this gives you the option to start and stop the stove so it will fit your lifestyle
- Ash Drawer
- Airwash System: Runs air over the glass to help keep the glass clean
- Two available: Matt Black, Brown Enamel