Regency F5200 Large Wood Stove

Update for 2020. The Regency Pro-Series F5200 catalytic wood stove with Eco-Boost technology! One of the most environmentally friendly woodstoves available anywhere, this highly efficient wood stove is capable of burning a 90 lb wood load for over 30+ hours while delivering even, consistent and substantial heat. The largest EPA certified wood stove on the market this is capable of heating up to 3000 sq.ft! This stove is great looking and a great work horse when it comes to heating your home in this climate!


Heating Capacity: 1,500 - 3,000 sq.ft'
Efficiency: 85%
Maximum Log Size: 22" (side to side and front to back)
Typical Burn Time: Up to 30+ Hours
Firebox Size: 4.42 cu.ft'
Flue Size: 8"

Fireplace Opening:

- Door opens 170 degrees for easy loading
- Heavy cast iron door
- Airwash system to keep glass clean
- Eco Boost Technology
- Single lever control
- Brick lined firebox
- Optional Blower, Ash Drawer, Airmate